People Shared Ugly Pictures Of Their Pets On Twitter And Results Are Hilarious


Cats and dogs put up their adorable faces most of the times. But then there are times when they reveal their ugly sides too. What do you think? Do pets really have an ugly side? You are about to find it out yourself.

Here are some people who shared ugly pictures of their pets on twitter and results are hilarious. Have a look at these pictures and you will have a good laugh!


Better stay away from your cat when she yawns. Things can take a dangerous turn after this.


“My hooman has a stupid sense of fashion and she wants me to blend in. I can’t tolerate this anymore.”


When your furry pet is done with being sophisticated and shows up his true side.


Cats get really disappointed with their hoomans now and then. This is some of the cats who couldn’t hide their disappointment.

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A cat is very possessive of his treasure. He won’t let you have it that easily.

Cats like to collect different kinds of things and leaves are their all time favorite. Every cat has a secret treasure which they are trying to keep away from the eyes of their hoomans. They know that the moment their hooman will find out, it will be gone.


When your cat starts talking to his invisible friend and you don’t know what to do.


“This is the first time I saw my dog laugh and it was a bit weird. He has never done this before.”


Dogs have different moods and they are very expressive. All you have to do is capture them at the right moment.


This little fluffy ball doesn’t trust his hoomans much. Look what he does to avoid them.


Pets got to do their thing. It doesn’t matter of it seems upsetting.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious story with all the pet lovers around you. If you too have a crazy pet story to share, do tell us in the comments below.

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