Mom Sends Hilarious Cat Updates When Her Daughter Is At Her Boyfriends House


Cat owners know that staying away from their cats is the most difficult thing that they would ever do. But not all cat owners have sweet caring parents who can take good care of their pets. This cat hooman’s mother sent her images of the cat while she was away. Look at these hilarious pictures of the cats that the mother sent to her daughter!


What do you do when your cat doesn’t wake up? Do you make coffee for it?


What’s wrong with the cat? He won’t get up.


Someone needs to stop eating too much. The cat surely needs to go on dieting from now on.


There is no such thing as too much sleep for cats. They never get enough of it.

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Cats always try to help, even though they end up creating more mess in the house.


Cats may not say everything out loud, but the look says it all.


It doesn’t matter what your cats do, you are always proud of them.


A cat can’t stop being possessive. If he loves something, he will protect it from the entire world.


Asking a cat to leave a comfortable spot is not an easy task. Don’t do it unless it’s super necessary or you may get a few scratches.


Cats are born with the best sense of humor. They don’t act unless required.

Here’s what people have to say about these cat pictures!

It seems like it is a usual thing. Does this happen with you too?

It must surely make you miss your cat more.

Who else needs cat updates?

Yes, this cat lady has a super cool mom who takes good care of her cat.

Cats also miss their hoomans a lot while they are away. This seems like a good way to lure them back home. What do you think? Will it work for you?

Do share this pawsome cat story with all the cat lovers around you and their moms too!

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