10 Cats Are Really Good At One Thing Only, “Being Jerks”


Many people mistake cats for being selfish and mean due to their actions. But only cat hoomans know that this is not at all true. Cats may not appear very friendly all the time and most of the time act like jerks. Still, there is a lot that you can learn from cats. The felines follow their heart and go where it takes them. They don’t bother if they appear as jerks while doing so. Cats know what’s the true purpose of life and they don’t waste their life on anything else.

Here are some cats who are really good at one thing only and that is being jerks. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what we are talking about!


Cats reach wherever they like using their paws. They don’t need anyone’s permission.


Cats can get really angry when they don’t get what they want.


When you don’t offer your cat what you eat, it won’t let eat it too. “Learn some manners, hooman.”


Nobody dares to speak in the library when the cat is in-charge.

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“I have taken the bed. Please don’t try to sleep here tonight or I may bite.”

Cats don’t stop till the time they get what they want. They always have things the way that they want. They are not afraid of fighting anyone who stands between them and their goals. It doesn’t matter then that they appear to be jerks.


Cats are really good at judging people. They can’t understand why humans do all the weird things that they do.


The cat is taking care of everything. You have nothing to worry about.


When the cat is hungry and has nothing else to eat. “Doggo, I am super hungry. Can you do me a favour please?”


“Did you say no, hooman? Can you say it again?”


“I like this plant bed, hooman. Why did you keep it upright? You know nothing at all.”

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