Cat Medley – Cats And Their Hilarious Shenanigans


Nothing is simple when it comes to cats. Everything has to be pawsome and full of adventure. The felines are pawsome pets who are not good at expressing their love for their hoomans. Nonetheless, they care the most about their hoomans. The furballs are always busy doing something or the other. They don’t bother their hoomans most of the time. But when they do, cats make sure that they have all the attention of their hoomans.

Here are some pawsome cats and their hilarious shenanigans. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will find yourself smiling!


Cats always manage to look purrfect. Look at this furball sleeping peacefully!


When you do something and your cats start judging you. We expected better things from you.


“I didn’t ask you to bring me out. You did it without my permission. I am not in a mood to walk now, so pick me up.”


“I thought my hooman would do puzzle today, but he changed his plans. Now I have nothing left to destroy.”

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When you return home and your cat looks up to you with expectations and hope, but you forgot the treats. Get ready to deal with some cat tantrums.

Cats know that they are adorable and pawsome. They just want you to say it out loud or show through your actions.


The cat wanted to do his own gig, so he formed a band. He doesn’t look happy though. Maybe these guys are not good enough for his band.


This cat has a signature pose. If you look carefully, you will notice that the left paw is always on top of the right one.


Cats show wonders with time. Look at this one grown up all cute and beautiful.


These cats found a new home and they refuse to go back inside. They look good together.


This cat is still trying to figure out what his hooman is up to. “I hope you don’t mess up this time. I am done with all your stupid stories.”

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