7 Proven Benefits of Cat Ownership


Want to know some of the proven benefits of cat ownership? Then, you are at the right place.

#1 Cats are the only companion that you need in your life.

A cat has always got your back, no matter where you are. Your little furry companion will follow you till the end of the Earth. Even though many people believe that cats are selfish and mean, they love their hoomans the most.

#2 Do you want someone who is super supportive? Then cats are what you are looking for.

Cats will always listen to everything that you have to say and you can also cry if you want. They are good listeners and won’t judge you till the time you finish. Talking always helps when you are in emotional trouble. Cats know how to take care of that stuff.

#3 Cat owners have lesser chances of heart disease.

Keep a cat close and the risk of heart diseases at bay. A cat always makes sure that his hooman is happy, healthy and gets a good laugh everyday. Cat owners are less lonely and happier. In fact, this theory is backed by studies as well.

Professor Adnan Qureshi from the Minnesota University said,

The logical explanation may be that cat ownership relieves stress and anxiety and subsequently reduces the risk of heart disease.

#4 Cats also help develop children’s empathy.

When your children spend time with your cat, they develop the feeling of empathy. Cats like to get pampered. So if you ever want to teach someone the act of caring, better leave that person with a cat.

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#5 Cat owners sleep better.

Studies show that sixty two percent of cat owners let the cats sleep on their beds. This helps the cat hoomans relax and help them get better sleep. Cats also help improve sleep disorders.

#6 Cats are the best therapy pets that you can ask for.

Spending time with cats can lead to an increase in your dopamine and serotonin levels. This regulates mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

#7 Cats give a boost to your immune system.

Keep a cat close and all the diseases away.

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