10 “Shameless” Cats That Stole Their Owners’ Partners And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry About It (New Pics)


Cats are never scared of taking what’s theirs. They don’t care if that particular thing or person belongs to them or someone else. Cats are an expert at charming people. It won’t be a big thing if they charm their boyfriend or girlfriends. Also, you can’t do anything about it.

Here are some shameless cats that stole their owners’ partners and didn’t even feel sorry about it. Have a look at these pictures and you will understand why cats do this or maybe not!


When your cat not only accepts your boyfriend, but also flirts with him. Look at the way this one is looking at his hooman’s boyfriend.


When you are getting bored, but your cat and your boyfriend are having fun.


This is how my cat eagerly waits for my girlfriend to visit. “You said she will come at 6 p.m. I see no sign of her. Did you heart it right?


When you leave your cat alone with your husband for a few weeks and this is what you come back to.

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Not all cats bite when you touch them. Some like to be near their hoomans. Look at this adorable one here!

It’s difficult to convince a cat for this. A cat only does what it wishes to do. This one really trusts his hooman.


When your boyfriend comes over to spend time with you, but your cat has other plans for him. “I know you are only dating my hooman so that you can spend time with me.”


“My cat never ever hugs me and this is her with my boyfriend. I am so jealous of them.”


When you want some alone time with your boyfriend, but your cat doesn’t like it.


This is my cat. He never likes to cuddle with me and this is what he does every time my girlfriend comes over.


Everyone deserves someone who looks at them the way this cat looks at my boyfriend.

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