10 Photos of Cats And Dogs That Simply Can’t Stop Being Affectionate


If you are a pet owner, you know how much your furry friends love you. They may not show it often, but they really love you very much. But how do they feel when it comes to other animals? Animals are full of love and that is all that they have to give.

Here are some pawsome photos of cats and dogs that simply can’t being affectionate. Have a look at these photos and you will also know that the heart of these animals are full of love.


This is how these two cats have been since the first day. They are called the inseparables.


When all your cats want is each other and you are the one demanding their attention. “Come later, hooman. We are a little busy right now.”


If you think that cats and dogs can’t be friends, look at this picture and think again.


When you have work to do, but your cat wants you to play with him. “Can you do this later, hooman? I am getting bored.”

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This is where the cat likes to hang out most of the time. “This feels warm and comfortable, hooman. Now you have to carry me around everywhere you go.”

When your cat cares for you, it will do anything to stay near you.


When your cats like to hang out with each other and don’t bother you with anything.


Cats either have no friends or they make friends wherever they go. In which category does your cat belong?


When your cat brings you a leaf everyday, you are the luckiest cat hooman.


Once a friend, always a friend. No one knows the meaning of loyalty and friendship better than a dog.


A furry pet is the only friend that you need in your life.

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