10 People Who Experienced “My House, Not My Cat” Moments


Have you ever walked into your home to find a cat waiting for you? If yes, then you are not alone. Cats like to choose their homes and hoomans on their own. You can’t make a cat stay with you till the time they want.

Here are some people who experienced “My house, not my cat” moments and they are pawsome!


“I woke up this little fur ball cuddling next to me. I don’t have a cat.”


When a cat enters your life and makes it completely pawsome. “Hi hooman, I will stay here from now on. Make all arrangements quickly.”


“This cat kept on coming back everyday until we let him inside. After that he stayed and never left. It’s amazing how cats choose the purrfect home for themselves. How do they know if  the chosen one would make a good cat hooman?


When you find a stray cat eating from your dog’s food bowl, what do you do? There is no other option, but to adopt it.

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“Found this cat sleeping on my bed when I returned home one day. This is how it is going now.”


When your cat wants you to adopt every stray cat, you do as he says. A cat doesn’t like it when his demands are not fulfilled.


When you return home after a long trip and have a surprise waiting for you. “Where have you been? I have been waiting for you like furrever. You can go out again after feeding me. I will stay.”


When a stray cat comes and starts drinking water from your glass, you have to let him stay as long as he wants.


“Found this lovely fur ball outside my home. She recently gave birth to some pawsome kittens. How can one say no when a cat comes in asking for help!”


“Left the window of my kitchen open and came back to this. The cats have invaded my territory. They are not going anywhere I guess. So this is how I became a cat hooman.”

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