10 Hilarious Medieval Paintings Of Cats That Prove Painters Had No Idea What A Cat Looks Like


The medieval painters have a very different idea about how cats looked. Their paintings are a living roof of the fact that they had no clue what a cat looks like. Cats have changed a lot since the medieval times. But this is definitely not how they used to look earlier. What are your ideas about how cats used to look at that time?

Here are some hilarious medieval paintings of cats that prove painters had no idea what a cat looks like. Have a look at these paintings and judge for yourself!


This one looks a bit like a sad human. What do you think?


Any animal with a mouse in its mouth is not a cat. The felines are marvellous creatures and nobody can match their beauty. This one definitely doesn’t look like a cat.


Since when did cats start walking on two paws. It happens once in a while and definitely doesn’t look like this.


This one is really hilarious. The ancient painters had no clue at all what the cats looked like.

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Cats have a nose and it looks nothing like this. Agreed?

Just imagine if your cat had a face just like you. It would look completely peculiar. Everyone is just grateful that this is not so. Cats are nothing like the way these medieval painters have depicted them. They are completely pawsome fluffy balls who are super adorable.


This cat seems stuck. The planning went wrong somewhere.


This one was definitely a lazy cat. Look how fat he is.


Meet the ancient cranky cat! Even the cat is sad that he was not portrayed correctly.


This one is really interesting. Is your cat this skilled?


This is how the cats used to smile in the ancient times. Things have changed a lot since then.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious cat story with all the cat lovers around you. What do you think cats looked like in the medieval times? Share your views with us in the comments.

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