10 Funny Tweets That Prove Cats Are Weird As Hell (New Pics)


You don’t need any proof to show that cats are totally weird. But still if you ever ask for some, you will always find hilarious memes and funny tweets that prove cats are weird. Cats hoomans never get why their cats do what they do. They can only choose to laugh at the actions of their cats because they are hilarious.

Here are some funny tweets that prove cats are weird as well. Have a look at these pictures and you will also understand!


“What are you talking about hooman? I have no husband!”


A cat has a really good taste of art. So you can always ask your cat whenever you are in doubt.


This is a really difficult task. You have to be really careful with it or you can totally mess this up.


A cat doesn’t like to compromise. It’s better that you make a proper place for the cat.

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Don’t get surprised if you see your cat using that broom to fly. It’s a usual thing for cats.

Cats do a lot of mysterious things that you have no clue about. It’s better that you keep it that way. Cats may not respect your privacy, but they definitely get offended if you don’t care for theirs.


When your cat know that you are bad at the game, it will try and make it easy for you.


A cat is no less than a young child of the family. You have to treat your cat just like a little child.


If you see it once, you won’t be able to ignore it. Cats can resort to anything to put a smile on your face.


A cat knows what’s important and holds onto it. “I am not giving up on this cloth. It’s mine now.”


Cats only help when they want. You can’t make them do anything that they don’t want.

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