10 Fresh Cat Memes Because It’s Caturday


Cats are hilarious pets born with a great sense of humor and wit. They are not even aware of how witty they are. It’s their hoomans who appreciate the sense of humor of their cats. Your cats will never let you get bored. They will keep you entertained at all times even if it means trouble for them.

Here are some pawsome fresh cat memes because it’s caturday. Have a look at these cat memes and have a good laugh!


If you have ever been wondering how the paws secretly disappear when the cat sits, here’s all you need to know.


You should be totally worried when your cat gives you this look. Also, you never give your cat a bath without its permission. Deal with it now.


The cat is not at all happy with the statistics.


When you have nothing better to do, sleep is the best thing to do.

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This cat has a funny way of telling his hooman to pet him. What does your cat do?

Cats may not speak our language, but they always find a way to convey their message to us. They are totally adorable and hilarious most of the times.


“Hoomans have created a weapon and I fear that they are going to use it against us. I am totally worried.”


Cats either like to sleep in a box or the place where you don’t want them to.


“They should put up more cupboards to hide in here. I am totally scared of this place. I wonder what they are going to do to me today.”


“Water is a scary thing, but moths are scarier. We have to hunt it down!”


When your cat is more sassy than you, all you can do is support him.

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