10 Felines Who Can Break Your Heart Like a First Love


Every cat has a key to your heart. They can enter and leave as they please. You can do nothing in your power to stop them. Cats are masters of melting everyone’s heart. No one has the power to look at them and then, look away without appreciating their beauty.

Here are some pawsome felines who can break your heart like a first love. Have a look at these pictures and your heart will melt too!


When you tell the cat that he is supposed to start dieting from the next day, but he gives you this adorable look. “What are you talking about, hooman? Just forget about it. Not happening in this life.”


When your cat and dog get tired from fighting and fall asleep together. This is the only time that they can stand each other being so close.


Cats always find a warm and cozy place to sleep in. Look at this adorable little bundle of fur here!


When the cats huddle together to form a heart shape. You must have seen nothing more adorable than this today.

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That ‘I am tired and rest for a while here’ look!

This cat will definitely put a smile on your face. All you need after a bad day is to spend some time with your pawsome cat. It will make everything all right.


When your cat messes up everything and acts all innocent. “I was only trying to help you, hooman. Don’t scold me for helping you.”


When your cat runs around the house for straight twenty minutes and lies down to get some rest. “I am done with the runs tomorrow. You lost as usual. We should try it again tomorrow.”


When all your cats want to fit in one place and you can’t help, but observe how adorable they are.


This is a cat’s successful attempt at stopping his hooman from leaving him alone at home. “Take me along.”


Cats too pray sometimes. They just don’t do it in front you, so you must not have seen it like this.

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