10 Emotional Cats and Dogs Whose Faces Say It All


Our pets may not speak our language, but they know how to express it all. Cats are really good at telling their hoomans whether they should do something or not. But how do they do this? It’s their facial expressions that say it all out loud. All you have to do is look and observe. Cats know exactly what to do.

Here are some pictures of emotional cats and dogs whose face say it all. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what they want to say!


“Don’t even think of it!” A cat knows how to control his hooman. Humans are under the illusion that they pet cats, but it’s the other way round.


The cat decided to put on a smile for the family photo. Good kitty!


This cat is a pro at giving the best expressions ever. “Hooman, don’t smile so much. Look at me and learn!”


Have your ever told your cat to shake his paw with someone? See how this little one is looking so adorable!

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When the cat is in-charge of something and there’s lot to be done, the cat will know exactly what to do. “You need not worry about anything, hooman. I will get everything done.”

When a cat takes some responsibility, it makes sure that the work is done. You can trust a cat.


When your cat is angry, it will show right on his face. This cat here is way too expressive.


“My hooman left me with the baby alone. He is very annoying and keeps on hitting me. Please take him away! I don’t want to bite.”


This little furry friend stays super excited all the time.


When your pet is confused about what’s going on in the house and doesn’t know how to react, this is how it may look.


“When your hooman doesn’t play fetch with you, give him this look. It is totally irresistible and works every time.”

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