10 Cats Who Can’t Live Without Attention


Cats have a lot of wishes, but attention always tops the list. The moment a cat hooman gets busy doing something else, the cat will jump right in between. Cats are really good at getting everyone’s attention. Their ways can be really hilarious at times. But they will make you laugh for sure.

Here are some hilarious cats who can’t live without attention. Have a look at these pictures and you will definitely have a good laugh!


When your cat destroys something and presents it to you as a gift. “Hi hooman, did you like it?”


Cats like to play with the toys on their own.

He doesn’t want to play with a toy if I’m holding it. He wants to hold it himself.


What do you do when your cat knows how to open the cabinet? Seal them as tight as you can.


Cats want you to treat them like their little babies. They will do everything in their power to get what they want.

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You need to be very careful with your hair when the cat likes to play with them. Easy there, little kitty.

Cats may end up doing things that may hurt sometimes, but they will always be hilarious.


Cats like to disturb their hoomans when they are busy working. “You know I don’t like it when I don’t get your attention. Why do you do this to me?”


Cats may like to do adventurous things, but they also need your help from time to time.


Why can’t cats decide if they want to get inside or stay out?

He would come to the door and beg to come in, and whenever I opened it, he would run off and pretend that nothing happened.


When both of your cats want to sit at the same spot, they may end up like this.


You can’t watch TV when there is a cat in the house. “Hi hooman, what are you watching?”

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