10 Attention Hogging Cats That Are Always Ready For Their Belly Rubs


Cats are the most unpredictable pets ever. You may think that you know them, but they will always end up surprising you. Most of the cats hate it when you try to pet them. But then there are some cats who are completely ready for belly rubs at any time of the day. Cats can be really confusing at times. It is impossible to figure them out. All you can do is spend some time with them and try to figure out what they really want.

Here are some attention hogging cats that are always ready for belly rubs. Have a look at these cats and you will know!


Some cats like to make a fuss about everything, while others don’t care at all.


This cat doesn’t bite and it is always ready for belly rubs.


Cats look really adorable while sleeping peacefully.


When your cat doesn’t mind belly rubs, it is difficult to stop.

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“It’s okay, hooman. you can give me as many belly rubs as you like.”

That moment when your cat finally lets you get near and pet is the best moment of any pet owner’s life. Every cat hooman eagerly waits for this day of their life and when it finally arrives, their joy knows no bounds.


This cat hated belly rubs at first, but got used to them eventually. Some cats like belly rubs. Never make an assumption about a cat. It will always end up surprising you.


It’s difficult to figure out what your cat wants, but you will get used to it.


Spending some time with your cat is the best thing to do on weekends.


Every cat has a different wish. You just have to figure out what your cat wants.


“Yes hooman, this is what I was looking for.”

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