10 Animal Photos That Have Amazing Stories Behind Them


Animals may not say anything, but each of them has a unique story. Just give them some time and you will get to know all about it.

Here are some pawsome animal photos that have amazing stories behind them. Have a look at them here!


When your cat not only accepts your boyfriend, but also helps him to propose you. “I have chosen him. You can accept the offer. He will fit in well.”


Love and care can put a cat in its best shape.

“These pictures of our cat Drax were taken 4 months apart. When we got him from the animal shelter, his back half had practically no fur and he weighed just 4.5 lb. He’s really fluffed out!”


When you find out your cat’s secret stash and he acts like he has no clue about it. Cats are really good at fooling people. Their hoomans have no choice, but to agree.


Cats can make anyone fall in love with them, including dogs.

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This cat wouldn’t sleep until her hooman holds her. Cats are just like little weird babies. They demand all your love and attention.

Cats can be really demanding at times. But you can’t say no to them.


When your cat likes to have more than two houses to live in. “It’s always good to have extra food.”


When you finally find the right cat for yourself. “Where have you been, little kitty! I have been looking for you all my life.”


Only animals can bring absolute happiness in your lives.

“I’ve been waiting 6 years to get a dog and the day finally came. Meet Archie!”


Meet Jax, the official stamp licker of Scotland! He is absolutely committed to his job.


There’s no one better at it. This doggo totally deserves it.

“My dad works at home and chooses the best employee every quarter. It’s always our dog Meeka.”

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